A closer look at some of my production highlights.  For a more extensive listen, click here.  º indicates where I have shared a songwriting credit.


Cash Mason - My Attorney • FOLK º

Combining a fragile vocal with a booming bass drum, this folk song demanded the singer perform first thing in the morning, to achieve the intimate sound required.


A Day In The Life Of The Soviet Union - Nes Advantage • EXPERIMENTAL º

 A haunting piano piece was reversed to create the backing track for this experimental number, with chair legs employed as wood block percussion, and old Casio keyboards utilised as synths.


Lasso You - Shin Jin Rui • INDIE ROCK º

Featuring wailing feedback, overdriven bass, double-tracked acoustic and a solo that sounds like its coming from underwater, this track demonstrates a wide range of guitar sounds brought together that provide depth to a mix.


That 80s Vibe - Assfunk vs DJ IBM PC-COMPATIBLE • EUROPOP º

Tasked with creating "a Eurovision-esque hit from the mid-Eighties", lo-fi duo Assfunk are remixed by my DJ IBM PC-COMPATIBLE alias into something that sounds like it belongs on a John Hughes' film soundtrack.  Also features an 8-bit Commodore 64 keyboard tone during the outro.


History Revision - Future Loss • POST PUNK º

The nose-diving guitar sounds at the end of this song were achieved by twisting the tuning pegs as the take came to a close, before the amps were switched off at the wall to snap things to an abrupt finish.


Go To Sleep You Little Baby - Haz & Helen Plewis • A CAPPELLA

Accompanied only by the birdsong from the telegraph wire outside my studio, Haz & Helen recorded this sultry a capella lullaby around a single valve microphone. 


Monty - Rebecca Jones • FOLK

In this track, I filled glasses of water with different amounts of water, then rubbed their rims to create the  vibrating, hollow backing texture.


Bleached Spectator - Future Loss • POST GRUNGE º

Sludge that refuses to seep to the bottom:  I recorded this song live, with bleed between each of the individual instrument mics contributing to the blurred, scuzzy sound.



City Country City - Aaron McMullan • FOLK

A full-scale raid of the studio kitchen cupboards, for all the pots, pans, and cheese graters that make up the percussive backing to this song.  I recorded the pianos in flagstone-floored porches to give an airy, echoey atmosphere.